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We bring simplicity to our clients’ lives by cutting out the noise and focusing on the essential.
At Simply Margi, we can help you bring clarity to your message while creating an aesthetic that speaks to your voice and your brand.

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What we offer

Copywriting + Editing

Grammar wasn't your strong point in school? We've got you covered! We believe website copy should reflect our whole authentic selves.

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Simple Website Design

We offer beautiful + functional WordPress designs, customized to your needs, with an aesthetic element you (and your clients) can't resist!

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Social Media Content

We're all about living simply and beautifully on this earth. Creating social media content is one way we help you simplify your business.

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Why Simply Margi?

We know there are a lot of options out there, so why pick us? It’s simple, I have a deep love for the written word, an eye for design, and a price point you can’t ignore. While I may not have years of experience professionally, I have redesigned blogs and created simple content for myself and others since 2011. I’m constantly developing my professional skills and commit to giving you the very best.

Stay up to date with all the latest